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You can earn more with a YouTube or Social Media following. Have your fans buy products you need for a project or experience you’re sharing online.

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Keen to have your own Tributors page?

Are you a creator with a social media following and want to earn more? Then Tributors is for you.

We are currently testing the website and are only taking on a few creators right now. Please enter your details below and we’ll keep you up to date with the progress.

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Want to know more?

Fans can buy the products a creator needs, for a project or experience they are publicly sharing online. The creator has their very own shop page on Tributors and can explain to fans why it would be helpful to purchase an item.
As an example; a YouTuber is building a boat and needs help buying some of the building materials to finish. Their fans could help by purchasing specific boat building tools or needed renovation products on the YouTubers shop page on Tributors. Then the fan can feel a part of the project. Particularly when they see the item being used in a video with a shout-out saying thank you.
Example of product
Another example; an Instagramer shares that she’s pregnant. She wants to get her fans involved with an online baby shower. She adds items to her Tributors page that her fans can purchase, like a blanket or nappies. The Instagramer can make it an on-going campaign with posts and stories when she buys each item.
Example of product

What the shop page looks like

A creator has their own page where they add their name, description, banner image, profile picture and social media links. It’s designed to focus more on the creator than Tributors. The creator then adds all the items they would like. When the fan purchases an item, they go through to a checkout page that only shows items from the creators page.
See the example page here.
Example Page

Why is this better than crowd funding or a wish list with one merchandise company?

Fans feel more involved with the project when they can say “I purchased that item!”. Fans feel more confident contributing because they know exactly where their money is going. Unlike a crowd funder, a fan might come back multiple times to purchase different items as the project processes and they see what’s happening online. There is no need for a fan to create an account and no lost income because fans become confused with the process – it is just like buying an item online!

Creators can visit their local shops and not wait for online shipping. It can give a more authentic experience with the ability to visit a local shop and share a story with their community. There is also the option of supporting a local business.

Creators can have a venue or experience on their page, as this isn’t restricted to just products.

What are the fees & payment details?

When a fan purchases an item, the money goes through Stripe or Paypal to the creators own Tributors dashboard.

Tributors take a small commission of four percent from each sale to help run this website. Stripe, Paypal or the bank will also take an amount for their services.

How long until the creator receives the money? It all depends on when the money is withdraw by the creator through the Tributor dashboard. It then depends on which payment portal the creator selects for how long the payment takes. There are the options of Stripe, Paypal or to a bank account.

A couple of fee examples:

A fan purchases a product for $1.00. Tributors commission would be 4c. Stripe would deduct 2.9% + 30c. The creator would receive 62c.


A fan purchase a product for $20. Tributors commission would be 80c. Stripe would deduct 2.9% + 30c. The creator would receive $18.34c.

When the money is withdrawn from the dashboard, the selected payment service will also charge their fees.

One way around this is to automatically add a percentage to all products you load to your page!

Tributors is a website where fans can buy a creator the products they need for a project or lifestyle event they are publicly sharing online.

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How does Tributors work?

You can buy the products a favourite YouTuber or creator needs, for something they are sharing online. The creator has their very own shop page on Tributors with all their own items displayed.
When you purchase an item, the payment* goes to the creator. They go and buy the item themselves. This means they can share a larger variety of needed items with you.
The creator then publicly thanks you for your help! It’s always appreciated.
Creator makes wishlist
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Shares to their fans
Fan pays for product
Creator gets funds
Creator buys product
Creator thanks fan online

*Tributors takes 4% of contribution to maintain this website. Stripe and Paypal will take their fees.