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Are you a YouTuber or have a social media following? You can earn through Tributors.

How does it work?


Creator makes wishlist


Shares to their fans


Fan pays for product


Creator gets funds


Creator buys product

Fans love to feel involved

Fans love seeing a project progress and can say “I purchased that item!”.

It’s an even bigger thrill if they get an shout out from the creator.

The perfect partner to Patreon

Some fans don’t want to pay monthly and prefer to purchase a specific item. 

Other patrons are keen to contribute a little more than their monthly amount through Patreon.

Make it easy for your fans to be involved.

Add products sold locally

Creators can quickly buy products from their nearby shops. There’s no wait with shipping.

You can add second-hand or hand-crafted items to your shop.

There is also the advantage of supporting a local business.

It's free to join

You never need to pay, as this is commission based. We take 4% when you sell a product to run this website.

Easy as shopping online

There is no need for a fan to create an account, keeping it simple for them. 

No limit to income

A fan might come back multiple times to purchase different items as the project progresses and they see what’s happening online.

Sell events or experiences too

Creators can have an event or experience on their page, as this isn’t restricted to just products.

How your wishlist works

You have your very own shop page on Tributors with your wishlist. This is were you explain to fans why it would be helpful to purchase an item.

A YouTuber is building a boat and needs help buying some of the building materials to finish.

Their fans could help by purchasing specific boat building tools or needed renovation products on the YouTubers shop page on Tributors. Then the fan can feel a part of the project. Particularly when they see the item being used in a video with a shout-out saying thank you.

An Instagramer shares that she’s pregnant.

She wants to get her fans involved with an online baby shower. She adds items to her Tributors page that her fans can purchase, like a blanket or nappies. The Instagramer can make it an on-going campaign with posts and stories when she buys each item.

What the shop page looks like

A creator has their own page where they add their name, description, banner image, profile picture and social media links. It’s designed to focus more on the creator than Tributors.
The creator then adds all the items they would like. When the fan purchases an item, they go through to a checkout page that only shows items from the creators page.
See the example page here.

Some questions you might have


When a fan purchases an item, the money goes to Stripe, an online payment portal. The amount appear on the creators own Tributors dashboard.

The creator withdraws the amount and it goes through Stripe to their bank account.

Obviously… all creators will need to join Stripe to receive payments.


Tributors take a 4% commission from each sale to help run this website.

Stripe will also take an amount for their services.

For example:

A fan purchases a product for $1.00.

Tributors commission would be 4c. Stripe would deduct 2.9% + 30c. The creator would receive 62c.


A fan purchase a product for $20. Tributors commission would be 80c. Stripe would deduct 2.9% + 30c. The creator would receive $18.34.

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It’s free to join!

If you have fans, then it’s worth joining Tributors to have another income stream.

We are currently testing the website and are only taking on a few creators right now. Please enter your details below and we’ll keep you up to date with the progress.


Tributors is a website where fans can buy a creator the products they need for a project or lifestyle event they are publicly sharing online.

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