Terms & Conditions

We are about supporting creators to achieve their project or event. We are also all about transparency, so please read the details below to understand our set-up.

Purchasing process

How does this work? As a fan, you understand that by purchasing items, the money will go to Tributors who then pays the creator through Paypal. The creator then purchases the product you selected. The fan doesn't own any part of the product or event. We suggest to the creator that they acknowledge the fan on their purchase, but it's not in Tributors control.


Payment to the creator will take between 5-10 days to process. This is to check that the fan doesn't require a refund in the first couple of days. Then it takes a few days for the payment to be processed and arrive in the creators Paypal account. Tributors take a small percentage of the sale to help run this service. Paypal also takes a small percentage for their services. The creator can decide if this extra fee is combined with the product cost or if it's deducted from the amount they receive.

If the fan wishes a refund after 2 days, then they need to contact the creator and receive it through them. Tributors will no longer have their funds.


We do not handle tax payments or GST.


We don’t allow creations that are in any way abusive towards other people, use others' intellectual property or is illegal product.

If the fan is under the age of 13, then permission to purchase items from their guardian is required.