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Thank you for joining Tributors.

Below are the basic first steps for setting up your own store page. If you get stuck, please feel free to email support@tributors.com.

How to set up your shop page

You have already been sent to the dashboard, once you joined.

In the future to log into your dashboard, go to the Tributors homepage where there is the login button at the top right, or go to https://tributors.com/login/

This is what you’ll see:

Your shop look

Click on ‘Settings‘ in the menu. You’ll be in your ‘Store’ set-up.

Upload a personalised store banner, profile picture and fill in all your details.

Tip: To have a successful store, spend some time on your Biography welcoming your fans, explaining how they can help and how Tributors works. An example is here.

Tip: You can only upload jpgs, not png files.

Click ‘Update Settings’ at bottom of page.

Tip: If you’re banner and bio don’t look like they are updating, it’s because the old info has been saved in the cache. To fix it, go to your web browser preferences.

Get paid

Click on ‘Payment’ in the menu and add your Stripe account details. If you don’t already have an account, it will send you to the joining form.

Click on ‘Social Profile’ in menu and add your social media links. This will show on your shop page.

Now you can start adding products!

In menu, click ‘back to dashboard’ then ‘Products’ then the ‘Add new product’ button on the far right.

Fill in the basic details.

All prices are set in US dollars, but we are hoping to update that soon.

Select ‘Product’ or ‘Event / Experience’ for the category.

Add your own personal tags, which help fans focus on a specific project or event of yours.

Tip: For the description, this is the area that persuades your fans to add to cart. Spend a bit of time thinking how to encourage your fans to help with your project or event with this specific item.

You’ll then be taken to a more detailed page:

As this is at the Beta stage, there are a couple of quirks still.

  1. The ‘Product Type’ needs to stay as ‘Simple’.
  2. The ‘Inventory‘ section needs ‘stock quantity‘ more than 0 to enable fans to purchase.


Save your product.

You can now share your store with your followers!

How do I get paid?

Go to ‘Withdraw‘ in your Tributor Dashboard and enter in how much you want to be paid.

It will be transferred through Stripe directly to your bank account.

Once submitted, it will take up to two days to be accepted, then Stripe processes the payment. 

If a fan changes their mind and wants a refund, Tributors will send you the fans details to refund them.

If you have any problems (or suggestions!) please email support@tributors.com

Tributors is a website where fans can buy a creator the products they need for a project or lifestyle event they are publicly sharing online.

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How does Tributors work?

You can buy the products a favourite YouTuber or creator needs, for something they are sharing online. The creator has their very own shop page on Tributors with all their own items displayed.
When you purchase an item, the payment* goes to the creator. They go and buy the item themselves. This means they can share a larger variety of needed items with you.
The creator then publicly thanks you for your help! It’s always appreciated.
Creator makes wishlist
Social Media
Shares to their fans
Fan pays for product
Creator gets funds
Creator buys product
Creator thanks fan online

*Tributors takes 4% of contribution to maintain this website. Stripe and Paypal will take their fees.