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Black guttering

I've had my heart set on black guttering, but it took me a while to find an affordable option. I think it will work really well against the warm wood and dark window/door frame.
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Cladding for cabin

We'll over-all get 18 of these recycled utility clad with grooves made from NZ pine. I'm going for a cheaper and quick skinning option for the cabin.
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A few of you showed sympathy towards Hayden and the zillion nails to put into the cabin build! He's put this as the nail gun he's want to use to complete all the future projects🤷‍♀️
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Structural Wood

To start the project off - we need the structural wood! The bones of the project. It will sit on blocks so it's classed as a moveable cabin to keep the council happy.
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Zinc Roofing Sheets

New roofing with the longest length I could find at 3.6m. Our cabin will be just under 3m, but it seems to rain here a lot in winter, so keen to have overhang. I'm strangely taken with the ribbed look...

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