Where fans buy creators items for their projects


Creator makes

Shares to
their fans

Fan pays
for product

Creator gets
Paypal fund

Creator buys

Creator thanks
fan online


Want to know more?

Tributors is a website where fans can buy a creator the products they need for a project or lifestyle event they are publicly sharing online.
An example is a YouTuber is building a boat and needs help to buy some of the building materials to finish. You can help by purchasing an item on the YouTubers Tributors page that would really help them. Then you can feel a part of the project when you see your item being used in a video with a shout-out to say thank you.

How do the creators get the product?

When you buy a product, you pay through Paypal and the money goes into the creators Paypal account. They then go to the store and purchase the product. This means you're not paying for shipping and they are not waiting for slow postage. They can also add items that might be impossible through an online store - like a food market item.
At the moment, all prices are in US dollars. Paypal and Tributors takes a small percentage of the purchase amount to keep their businesses running.
Do you have another question? Feel free to go to the help page and ask away - we're keen to hear!