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This is where your stores description goes. Where you talk to your fans about why you have these items added and why they should buy anything. For example: This store enables me to keep sharing the experience of the best lifestyle finds in Australia. As you know, I'm pregnant, which really has changed the direction of my channel recently! I have a few exciting events coming up. I'm planning a visit to Sydney where I hope to meet many of you and I will be having a baby shower live on YouTube this August! Anything you buy from the list below, you will be publicly thanked, as I really couldn't do this without you. Thank you Modettes!


Yopo Health Bar Yopo Health Bar

This is a new health bar that’s just opened up in town and I’m keen to share it with you. I’m currently having a vote on Instagram with what flavour you want me to showcase – there are 15 to pick from! The favourite so far is this one.

1 in stock $15.00
Art Gallery Show Art Gallery Show

I’d love to make it to the Art Show in Sydney and meet as many of my viewers as possible. My thinking is to be at the show all day on the Saturday the 23rd of March and then have a meet-up at a nearby restaurant afterwards. I’ve guessed how much it will cost me to come and have split the cost by 10. Really would love to come along.

10 in stock $30.00
Yellow Cotton Babysuit Yellow Cotton Babysuit

As we don’t know if we are having a boy or girl, all items are in more neutral colours. This grabbed my eye because it’s such a happy colour. It’s all nature cotton which, as you know, we love. We are planning to support our local shop called Pippies which has the loveliest staff.



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